T.L. Technological LTD is a company specialized for 50 years in the molding of plastics and construction of injection molds for thermoplastics and maintenance of molds in general for which he has the experience and skills necessary to develop measures, improvements and innovations according to market demands.
The various sectors from which he drew experience apportandone its know-how: Construction, Electronic, Satellite, Fruit and Vegetable Gardening, Medical, Furniture, Refrigeration, Packaging, Accessories for construction, Motorcycle, Disabled, Divers and toys which performs supplies of molded plastic and rubber from a minimum of 0.1 grams up to 3kg, making use of presses with high precision. Today, the company T.L. Technological can boast the achievement of a good product is for quality, both for the production times / delivery and related technical support. At the same time, he developed new ideas to actually reduce the lead-time.
Ottavio Massarenti, it is not only the historical memory of the company, but also witnessed the evolution of the same. Business transformation that has seen the transition from pioneering production of molds for dies, fixtures related to the sector, the specialization of the molds and the injection molding.
Over the past 10 years T.L. Technology has changed production processes, adapting to the demands of the market. Requests that have changed for both product performance and for the service, from mass production to a 'one-piece-flow', that is, only what the customer asks. This means structured on the basis of supply and demand, with the use of new production strategies and management squeeze the maximum delivery time.